List of South Asian Dictionaries available for use:

Shelf of Sanskrit-English:

1) A Sanskrit English Dictionary by Monier Williams (1872)
2) A Sanskrit Dictionary of Law and Statecraft by Patrick Olivelle (2015)

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Shelf of Prakrit-Hindi:

3) Pāia-Sadda-Mahaṇṇavo: a comprehensive Prakrit-Hindi dictionary with Sanskrit equivalents
by T. Sheth and Hargovind Dasi (1928)

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Shelf of Kannada-English:

4) A Kannaḍa-English Dictionary by Rev. F. Kittel (1894)
5) Kittel's Kannaḍa-English Dictionary by F. Kittel, M. Mariappa Bhat (1968-73, 4 vols)
6) Kannada-English Etymological Dictionary by N. Učida & B. B. Rajapurohit (2013)

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