(R)apid (O)nline (S)earch (E)ngine for (S)cans

digitalRoses is an online platform based around a binary search algorithm for quickly searching for words in scanned physical dictionaries and other alphabetized texts on which a target word appears.

This approach resolves a common problem in OCR text ingestion through the utilization of manual indexing of the first entry word on each page in physical media. digitalRoses ingests dictionaries at a fraction of the time and cost of full digitization. The system streamlines searching by allowing partial, wildcard and fuzzy searches, and maintains the richness of the printed layout. Other important features include serendipitous browsing, and support for any alphabetic/character-based language!

digitalRoses can be used in fields such as language research and translations, and digital archiving of printed materials (including catalogs and encyclopeida). It is free of use for individuals, scholars, communities, libraries, and academic institutions.

Check out our demo page.